1 Wait In The Wind mp3

2. Train

3. Girl Like Me

4. Cup Of Coffee mp3

5. Happy New Year (Auld Lang Syne)

6. I Don't Want To Remember

7. Means Too Much Too Me

8. Long Distance Love

9. Holy Man

10. It's Not The First

11. Wendigo

12. Angel

13. Mind Your Own Business


Dawn Hummer - Recorded Live at Boulevard Music

Bob Hummer for his beautiful songs and support, and all my family and friends who have come to all the bars and restaurants and coffee houses all these years to support me, Thanks so much...and thanks to Don Connor, It's been wonderful playing music side by side all these years. and to all... thanks for listening... Hummer songs copyright 2002.


All Rights Reserved

Produced by Gary Mandell

Engineered and Mastered by Bob Kinsey

Photography by E.K. Waller -- Art Direction by Ken Murayama

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