1. St. Louis Blues mp3

2. I'll See You In My Dreams mp3

3. Chet Medley-Say Si Si; Vilia;

April in Portugal; Nagasaki

4. Give It Up

5. Anytime

6. Swedish Rhapsody

7. Change The World

8. Heartaches

9. Drive In

10. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?

11. Empty Glass-Taste Of Honey

12. Poppa's Knee

13. One Mint Julip

14. Yankee Doodle Dixie

15. Main Street Breakdown

16. Down By The Riverside


Jim and Morning Nichols - Recorded Live at Boulevard Music

Together since '82 touring world wide featuring Jim's stunning musicianship and Morning's exquisite vocals they are pure magic. Brilliant Guitarist Jim Nichols who play's superbly in styles from fingerstyle to jazz, blues, and rock has recorded with everyone from Chet Atkins to Tom Waits. Jim's solo CD was chosen by Guitar Player as a pick of the year for 1996. One of my favorite guitarists says guitar great Guy van Duser.

Jim is also featured on Richard Smith and Jim Nichols Live from Blvd Music.


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Produced by Gary Mandell

Engineered and Mastered by Bob Kinsey

Photography by E.K. Waller -- Art Direction by Ken Murayama

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