1. L'Ame des Poètes

2. The Windmills of Your MInd mp3

3. Sparrow

4. Out on the Mira

5. Avalon

6. These Foolish Things

7. Music in Your Eyes

8. Ma Mère Chantait

9. Freeborn Man

10. Run Away Little Kids

12. North of the Border

13. Tequila Sheila mp3

14. When You Wish Upon a Star


Noel Harrison - Recorded Live at Boulevard Music

Noel is a world class folk artist. His smooth baritone is classic here as he delivers a gem of a performance. His solo acoustic performance of the million selling hit he had Windmills of Your Mind (From the movie the Thomas Crown Affair) is stunning. When You Wish Upon a Star is classic. The fun songs he does are charming. In terms of a folk album this is about as good as it gets.


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Produced by Gary Mandell

Engineered and Mastered by Bob Kinsey

Photography by E.K. Waller -- Art Direction by Ken Murayama

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