1 Cascade mp3

2 Back Up And Push

3 Moonglow mp3

4 Ochi Chornya (Dark Eyes)

5 Django's Castle

6 Who's Sorry Now

7 AfterYou've Gone

8 Dizzy fingers

9 Rainbow

10 Autumn Leaves

11 Sweet Ceorgia Brown mp3

12 Nuages

13 Honeysuckle Rose

14 funky Junk

15 Jerry's Breakdown

16 Stompin' At The Savoy

17 Main Sneet Breakdown


Richard Smith & Jim Nichols - Recorded Live at Boulevard Music

The influence of Chet Atkins on guitarists around the world is demonstrated once again on this CD. Both Richard (from England) and Jim (from Virginia) grew up in talented musical families and were encouraged very early to play the guitar. A steady supply of Chet's albums provided both boys with a world class home study course in fingerstyle guitar, inspiring countless hours of practice and preparing them for their first meeting in 1992. Since that time, Richard and Jim have really enjoyed playing together in Europe and the U.S. and have great respect for the abilities of each other. Their influences range from country to classical to jazz, but Chet would lave liked that. He was always searching for new music and new ideas. This recording is all about a couple of Chet's disciples jamming and having a great time. It is also their tribute to Chet and his music, a remembrance of a great guitarist who profoundly affected two young boys so long ago. Cheers, Chet. We had a blast!

Richard is an incredible fingerstyle player (2001 National Fingerstyle
Champion) and also one of the hottest Bebop/Django/Flatpicking players in the world. "The most amazing guy I know on the guitar" -Chet Atkins. Nichols is a great straight ahead jazz player in addition to his great fingerstyle playing. Richard plays his Kirk Sand nylon string on all songs. Jim plays a Hollenbeck "Jim Nichols" Signature Model electric and a Taylor 914C acoustic with Seymour Duncan pickup. Amplifiers by AER. Morning Nichols is guest vocalist on After You've Gone and Honeysuckle Rose.

Recorded Live at Boulevard Music, April 11, 2003 and "Sweet Georgia Brown" on February 16, 2002.

Jim Nichols is also on the Jim & Morning Nichols CD recorded live Boulevard Music.

All rights reserved.

Produced by Gary Mandell

Engineered and Mastered by Bob Kinsey

Photography by E.K. Waller

Art Direction by Ken Murayama

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