1. The Rattlesnake Daddy's Daughter

2. If Leavin' Was A Fast Train mp3

3. Sycamore Grove mp3

4. One More Night

5. When We Were In Love

6. ¿Por Que Te Vas?

7. Georgia Pines mp3

8. Cradle Me

9. A Matter Of Time

10. ¿Que Mas Quieres?

11. Texas Lawyer

12. Border Town Girl

13. A Long Time Ago

14. No Quiero Despertar

15. Potter's Grave

16. Picture Perfect World

17. The Words Of A Song


Rick Shea - The Buffalo Show

Southern California Honky-Tonker Rick Shea's Buffalo Show is a stark and moving musical journey through a vivid world of border town girls, fast trains, Texas Lawyers, and sycamore groves. The cream of SoCal's country and roots scene mixes into the entire work. Skip Edward's signature organ and accordion fills flow nicely, and fiddler Brantley Kearns is featured prominently on Georgia Pines and Matter of Time. Jann Browne and Heather Myles lend supporting vocals that blend smoothly and soften sweetly on Shea's pleading ballads. Chris Gaffney brings his Tejano touch to Por Que Te Vas? and Lonesome Stranger. Randy Weeks adds harmonies to the lead track, Rattlesnake Daddy's Daughter. "Buffalo Show is classic country, California style" -Billy Block, The Gavin Report, Nashville. "It really is time for the Buffalo show and for all it says about country music artistic possibilities". -Mike Boehm, L.A. Times.


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Produced by Gary Mandell

Engineered and Mastered by Bob Kinsey

Photography by E.K. Waller -- Art Direction by Ken Murayama

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